Neuropsychological Evaluation

A neuropsychological evaluation can be useful in determining an individual’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Depending upon a child’s age and specific set of needs, a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation may assess:

  • Intelligence
  • Attention
  • Self-Help Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Planning and Organization
  • Academic Achievement
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Processing Speed
  • Emotional Functioning
  • Memory
  • Visual-Spatial Skills
  • Impulsivity
  • Language Function
  • Behavior
  • Problem Solving


Some children present with specific areas of academic difficulty such as slowed reading progress without other indications of neurodevelopmental, social, emotional or behavioral challenges. For these children, a Psychoeducational or Specific Learning Disorder screening assessment can target specific areas of academic concern in order to provide diagnosis and intervention recommendations.


Raizner Pediatric Neuropsychology administers Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder screening evaluations when attention problems are suspected in the absence of other cognitive, academic or socio-emotional issues. A screening assessment can be a helpful tool in assisting parents and educators begin to gather insight about potential concerns.


Parents may contact Raizner Pediatric Neuropsychology for the purpose of school admissions testing. Intelligence testing is available for pre-school and school-aged children seeking admission to certain private schools. The WPPSI-IV or WISC-IV / WISC-V are typically administered; however, other tests are available when deemed appropriate. Determination of eligibility for school admission is solely left to the discretion of the school admissions committee.


Certain gifted and talented programs require intelligence testing for admission. Raizner Pediatric Neuropsychology administers accepted intelligence tests that can be submitted for review by admissions committees with parents’ written request.


The College Board and ACT require administration of specific cognitive and academic achievement tests for some students to be considered eligible for testing accommodations. Raizner Pediatric Neuropsychology offers a psychoeducational testing battery that includes required documentation of developmental history, previous accommodations, testing performance and diagnostic information. Determination of eligibility for accommodations is solely left to the discretion of the respective testing board.


Raizner Pediatric Neuropsychology does not assess children experiencing an acute crises such as suicidal intentions/behaviors, hostile aggression towards self or others, or psychosis. These children should be referred immediately to an Emergency Center at 9-1-1 for psychiatric management.

Raizner Pediatric Neuropsychology does not evaluate children for abuse. We also do not evaluate children involved in forensic cases, children of high conflict divorce or divorce cases involved in custody determination. Raizner Pediatric Neuropsychology also does not evaluate children who are struggling with adjustment to divorce or parental conflict as a primary presenting concern. These issues are best addressed by specialists within these areas.


All payment is due at the time services are rendered. Raizner Pediatric Neuropsychology accepts most major credit cards. The hourly fee is charged for appointments cancelled less than 24-hours in advance.

Typical Clinical Fees:

Clinical fees apply to all time required for: testing, scoring, interpretation, record review, school observation, telephone interviews, report writing, letter writing, and feedback sessions

Each child’s needs are different. Therefore the amount of time estimated to complete your child’s evaluation will be discussed during your initial phone call to Raizner Pediatric Neuropsychology and determined on an individual basis. For example, assessment of a young child typically takes less time than that of a school-aged child or young adult.


Raizner Pediatric Neuropsychology and its providers do not contract with insurance companies. However, upon request, we are happy to provide the patient (parent/legal guardian) a Super Bill that will include helpful information including: CPT codes and diagnostic codes in order to assist families in filing their own claims. All approvals for insurance reimbursement, related paperwork, etc. are the sole responsibility of the patient (parent/legal guardian).

Additional Fees for Special Requests:

Photocopying fees are $1 per page. Requests for additional copies of reports mailed after feedback is $10 per address.

Lost parent or teacher behavioral rating scales can be replaced at a rate of $5 per form. Additional behavior rating forms requested by parents are also charged at a rate of $5 per form.